Meet Adam Valentino

Client Testimonial

IĀ found a fantastic apartment in the city thanks to Adam Valentino, a great professional. Adam is efficient, personable and respected in the leasing community, those relationships helped streamline the process. After a few showings he quickly recognized what features and benefits I expected and where to find them. He kept track of where we went, where we planned to go and the values of each. He notified me quickly when new opportunities became available and scheduled around my availability. He's a real asset to anyone looking for quality and value in an apartment.

- Peter H via Yelp

Favorite Neighborhood

I enjoy the variety each Chicago neighborhood offers with each having its own charm. Having grown up on the water, I enjoy being near the Lake.

Why DAC?

Collectively DAC is a team of professionals priding ourselves in utilizing deep market knowledge to find our clients the very best new home for them. We work and play hard.

Connect with Adam

I am a foodie and enjoy discovering the spread Chicago offers. I also love being active outdoors on my bike and checking out new venues for live music.