Meet Jamoris Slaughter

Client Testimonial

I definitely recommend Jamoris Slaughter as your realtor from Downtown Apartment Company! Jamoris is very responsive and super hard working. He will work late to make sure you have all available options (he sent me an email with apartments at 11pm once!). Apartments here go so fast so it's nice to have someone like Jamoris stay on top of agents and sending reminders to me for showings! He's friendly and professional and definitely will not let you down.

I was in such a rush to find apartments because I didn't realize my current lease ended sooner than I thought (I had been living there for 3 years and didn't even think twice about double checking the lease.) and Jamoris was there to help. He knew what I wanted and made sure the apartments he was showing me had my requirements. Jamoris helped me sign my new apartment and I couldn't be more excited to move in. Thanks Jamoris!!

- Nina C via Google +

Favorite Neighborhood

South Loop. It has a laid back vibe and easy access to the rest of the city.

Why DAC?

DAC welcomed me with open arms and a smile from ear to ear. I really enjoy the company culture and the professionalism we demand from our agents!

Connect with Jamoris

I’m an awful golfer but I love to play when I can. I love recording music. I played football at University of Notre Dame and for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.