Meet Jesse Barnes

Client Testimonial

I worked with Jesse this morning. I found him on Craigslist and I was worried I'd have a terrible experience something necessitating pepper spray. However, upon meeting Jesse and his trainee I was impressed at how personable and professional they were. Jesse showed me exactly the apartments I was looking for and advocated for me with the leasing agents, always ensuring my best interest. From paying for my parking, to holding doors, remembering the specifics for all 5 apartments we visited, or even letting me bring along my dog I was never left wanting better service. I was impressed and would highly recommend working with Jesse!

- Robin M Via Yelp

Favorite Neighborhood

River North is a fantastic place for work and play. I appreciate that there’s always something to do, and you have easy access to everything from food to transportation and various activities. My favorite thing about the area? That’s easy...Sushi.

Why DAC?

At Downtown Apartment Company, our clients come to us looking for what they want. We get them moved into the perfect new home, with everything they need.

Connect with Jesse

I too am an “out-of-towner”. Being an Iowa native, I’m very familiar with the difficulties of leaving the cornfields and moving to the big city. This helps me take the stress out of moving and find my clients the best place.