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Meet Bruno Rios

Client Testimonial

My husband and I had to initiate a move to Chicago very quickly and with neither one of us familiar with the city, we had no idea where to start. After reaching out to what seemed like dozens of different apartments, Bruno Rios responded to one of my inquiries and offered to help us. Without his help, we would have been completely lost. Within 8 hours of initially speaking to him and identifying our must haves, budget and neighborhoods of interest, he sent us a comprehensive list of different apartments in the area that would be a good fit for us. After looking through them all, we let him know which ones we liked the best and from there he set up showings for us during the very limited times we had available. We we're ultimately able to find a beautiful apartment on the border of two areas of interest (two for one) that was less than a block away from my husband's new job and had countless luxury amenities for an unbeatable price. Even after we had chosen our new home, he continued to reach out and make sure we were comfortable with the process and answer any questions we had. I would highly working with Bruno and the Downtown Apartment Company to find your next home!

Favorite Neighborhood

My Favorite Neighborhood is River North! You are literally walking distance to some of the BEST restaurants, nightlife, great shopping, The River Walk, and my personal favorite and second home, The East Bank Club! The neighborhood is extremely dog friendly and offers many dog parks and even bars where you and your furry friend can enjoy a good happy hour. There is always something to do here and you will never get bored!

Why DAC?

I chose DAC for many reasons. The Leadership at Downtown Apartment Company is superb! Consisting of extremely competent, motivated individuals, whom truly know the entire Chicago market inside and out. They do an amazing job molding agents into a product that Downtown Apartment Company is known for throughout the city. Whenever we step foot into a building whether it’s as a team or individually, people in the industry know right away we are DAC and it’s an amazing feeling! Downtown Apartment Company has a great culture and a fun working environment. I can literally choose to work from anywhere and I choose the office everyday without hesitation because of how much I enjoy the atmosphere. We do a great job on focusing on our client’s our client’s needs and work with a sense of purpose. I am very proud to be part of this amazing company!

Connect with Bruno

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I grew up in Tomah, Wisconsin. Went to college at The University of La Crosse, Wisconsin where I studied Marketing and International Business. I enlisted in the the Army in 2012. I was a Sniper for the elite Special Operations unit The 75th Ranger Regiment. After seven years and seven combat deployments with the Ranger Regiment, I moved on to become one of the primary instructors at the United States Army Sniper Course. My favorite hobbies are of course a day out at the range, hunting, fishing, scuba diving, exploring the city, going to different states to try different wineries, traveling and spending quality time with my family.