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Pet-Friendly Apartments In Chicago

As a pet owner, when it comes to apartment hunting, you have more to think about than simple square footage. It can sometimes feel challenging to locate pet-friendly apartments in Chicago — or, in other words, rentals that can accommodate both you and your furry friends. Because different buildings have various restrictions on pets, limit animal sizes or types and/or require extra fees, it’s important to search the best and most convenient units. At Downtown Apartment Company, we save you a step by connecting you with some of the best pet-friendly apartments for rent in Chicago.

Amenities Available in Pet-Friendly Buildings 

Pet-friendly apartments not only allow pets, but also sometimes feature bonus amenities to make life easier or more fun. These could include lawn areas where you can let your dog out, dog runs, on-site grooming or boarding services, partnerships and discounts with local dog walking services, staff to check on pets for owners and more. Additionally, many Chicago neighborhoods provide great dog-friendly spots and must-see dog parks nearby.

Why Rent Through DAC

Working with Downtown Apartment Company is the smart way to find a great, pet-friendly apartment in Chicago. Our company works hard to stay up to date on all the latest market info, promotions, vacancies and pricing. Then, we put that knowledge to work for you, consolidating listings in one place where you can find what one needs and make an informed decision about a new home. We’re committed to 100% client satisfaction and striving to build clients for life. To get started with us, browse our available listings for dog-friendly apartments in Chicago now!