I called Downtown Apartment Company, and within a few seconds, Jodi Dougherty answered the phone. Within the first few minutes of the call, she was extremely helpful in listening intently and providing guidance. My wish-list for my perfect apartment was rather lengthy, and Jodi explained that finding a single apartment that fit all of my criteria would be akin to finding a unicorn. However, I mentioned that my move time was flexible and that I was willing to wait and keep looking as long as needed to find the right place. She set expectations upfront about the challenge and left the conversation saying that she’d do her best.

Indeed, within a few minutes, I had received several listings that might be good fits. But then within an hour or two, she texted me that she believed that she’d found THE PERFECT PLACE for me. Having had only a brief conversation with her and having also been told how hard it would likely be to find what I’d consider to be a great place, I was rather skeptical to hear this. But I looked at the listing and was stunned by the views. Because of my skepticism, I actually spent about 2 hours looking individually through every one of the other listings, to be sure that I agreed with her assessment, which sounded almost too good to be true. It was at a similar price range to many of the other listings, but the layout and views stood out in comparison to the others. A visit confirmed that indeed, it was the perfect place.

The building had some pretty antiquated ways of doing lease paperwork, and I was moving from out of state (plus, I was stressed out by the process of getting ready to move!) This combination created some challenges, but throughout the process, Jodi made it all as easy as it could be. She went above and beyond to be available to answer questions and when a logistical problem came up on my end, even offered to pick up/drop off the leasing checks for me, which was most appreciated. Jodi happens to live in a similar building. Even after she had closed the deal, she was very kind to share some tips that have made the move-in process and daily logistics of living in this building to be that much easier for me.

All in all, from my experience, I’d highly recommend Downtown Apartment Company; I was rather astonished that I had simply picked up the phone and within seconds was connected with someone so experienced, competent, and obviously excellent at her work, especially in comparison to others with whom I had worked. I had previously contacted two different Chicago real estate rental agents through Craigslist. One was helpful & showed me several properties that weren’t quite right; this agent specialized in a small subset of the available properties in the area; also, he was not always quick to answer and I often had to contact him multiple times over the course of days to elicit a response (I thought he wanted my business?) The second agent (also through Craigslist) seemed over the phone to be extremely lethargic, and didn’t do a great job of listening to me. She repeated her boilerplate “this his how you rent an apartment in Chicago” tune a few times (the basics are not rocket science), and I was left with the impression that perhaps she wasn’t the best person to really do the creative sleuthing necessary to find me an uncommonly great apartment. Instead, thank goodness I decided to try a different agent, gave DTAC a call and got Jodi! I’ve been living in this apartment for the last 6 months, and I’ve been loving it here just as much as I thought I would, if not moreso!
β€” Cameron J (5/26/19)

I had an amazing experience working with Jenny Leigh Lewis.

I was relocating to Chicago for work and wasn’t very familiar with the area. I made contact with Jenny and she lead me through a fun and informative apartment search. I let her know what I was looking for, when I needed to move and that I’d be working in downtown Chicago. Within 12 hours she had a detailed list of properties that was within my price range and commute time. During our tours of the six properties we saw, she even dropped some knowledge on each of the neighborhoods we visited and pros and cons of living in the different areas. I was able to find a great apartment in a great downtown neighborhood after she helped me decide between a few different places. It was really a very fun experience that left me feeling like I went apartment hunting with a close friend for the day.

As long as I’m in Chicago, I will absolutely use the services of DAC and Jenny, specifically. Thank you so much for your help, Jenny!
β€” William C (6/1/19)

Alexa Morgan helped me find a great place on Michigan Ave!

I just recently graduated school and made my way down to Chicago and got my first apartment so quickly, thanks to Alexa. The process went very smoothly, and she found the perfect studio apartment for me. She was always available on the phone, responded to all of my messages in such a timely manner, answered all of my questions, and always had great advice!

I had contacted her a few weeks before I got to Chicago and she was sweet enough to go down to the apartment she thought best fit my requirements and sent me amazing videos of the place.

When I did get to finally meet her at the Michigan Ave apartments she laid out all my options and explained everything so clearly. Since this was my first time getting a apartment under my name she made this process very easy for me! So grateful for her.

Thank you so much Alexa. πŸ™‚
β€” Mallika C (6/6/19)

Let me start by saying go with the locals. I called some of he other companies and ended up in a call center that was clearly just farming out work to people. I dropped them almost immediately. Then I tried the Downtown Apartment Company, it was like night and day.. in a good way of course.

Let me not bury the headline:

Call them and let them help you. It will be the best decision you’ll make during your apartment hunting.

My agent was Jessica Odehnal and she took care of everything. I sent her a couple links to places I liked and she did the rest. She sent me an itinerary with specific apartments about a week in advance. That gave me time to look at them and ask more questions. She was extremely responsive and usually got back within an hour, surprisingly, no matter what time of day. THAT is a go getter and the level of support I wasn’t expecting.

I met her at the first apartment (which eventually I decided on later that day) and it was a great experience. They knew her which immediately gave me confidence that she was well liked and professional. She drove us around to other places, but in the end we returned to our starting point. s we went along she helped me eliminate ones that were probably not a good fit, by the end of our journey, she definitely had a good read on what I was looking for.I spent at least 30 minutes going into two different apartments and just agonizing over the decision and she gutted it out with me. She knows the right questions even if you don’t (hey, she is a pro after all though).

I went back today to take measurements, etc. I’m even more confident that Jessica helped me make the right decision. Kudos and thank you for providing a top notch service.
β€” Timothy L (6/23/19)

I came to Downtown Apartment Company on the morning my landlord sold my building & at the time was frazzled to say the least. Ericka and her team took me in and treated me to the best apartment shopping experience I have had. Their professionalism and ability to listen to every detail made for an easy dialogue and selection process. Once we determined all of the options, Ericka scheduled the viewings around my schedule and was always available for any of my questions. She guided me through the process and ensured no stone was uncovered and that I would see no surprises. Downtown Apartment Company will be the only team I consider in the future.
β€” Nick S. (2/1/2018)

I definitely recommend Jamoris Slaughter as your realtor from Downtown Apartment Company! Jamoris is very responsive and super hard working. He will work late to make sure you have all available options (he sent me an email with apartments at 11pm once!). Apartments here go so fast so it’s nice to have someone like Jamoris stay on top of agents and sending reminders to me for showings! He’s friendly and professional and definitely will not let you down. I was in such a rush to find apartments because I didn’t realize my current lease ended sooner than I thought (I had been living there for 3 years and didn’t even think twice about double checking the lease.) and Jamoris was there to help. He knew what I wanted and made sure the apartments he was showing me had my requirements. Jamoris helped me sign my new apartment and I couldn’t be more excited to move in. Thanks Jamoris!!
β€” Nina C. (6/25/18)

I am so happy that I found DAC. Never having lived in Chicago, I was extremely overwhelmed with the number of options and variables to consider when searching for an apartment. So, I turned to a Google search, found all of these raving reviews on DAC, and decided to take a leap.

I worked with Aysha Hackert and she was AMAZING from start to finish. Her responsiveness was top-notch and she delivered on her commitments 100% of the time. If she said, “I’ll have this to you by the end of the day,” then, without a doubt, I would have it by the end of the day. She quickly earned my trust as a customer and, frankly, it was some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. Aysha took care of EVERYTHING (sending me suggestions based on my requirements, scheduling apartment tours, getting us from one property to the next, prompting questions that I hadn’t thought of, etc.) and that took a huge burden off my shoulders. She genuinely cared about helping me find an apartment that fit my wants and needs — and I greatly appreciated that! She never pressured me, or made me feel like I was just a dollar sign.

Chicago is the largest city I’ve ever moved to but, because of Aysha, it was the least stressful apartment search I’ve ever had. If you’re in search of a property in Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend Aysha. She’s professional, yet extremely down-to-earth, and she will help you find the perfect place for you. If I ever end up moving again within the city, I know Aysha is the one I’ll be reaching out to! It’s clear DAC only hires the best!!
β€” Katelyn B (6/12/18)

I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2015 and reached out to a colleague and former UW-Madison alumni, Ericka Rios. She founded the company along two partners. Ericka was gracious to take me under her wing and find me the best apartment rental in one of the hottest neighborhoods of Chicago – River North. Ericka was thoroughly organized and in a matter of 2 hours, we saw a total of 7 buildings. Ericka arranged it all and couldn’t have planned it better- her experience in the rental market is unparalleled and she’s definitely a go-getter. I was fortunate that Ericka got me such an amazing deal that I stayed in my apartment for 2 years. As a busy professional, my time was extremely valued. Moving from out of state is definitely stressful and relaying on her expertise made the process seemingly painless.

Fast forward to 2 years later, I connected with Sean Hill another outstanding agent at DAC. Sean also impressed with his knowledge of apartment searching in Chicago. He listened to my needs and wants, and was able to find me a great deal now moving to a different neighborhood in Chicago – West Loop. Sean epitomizes the definition of efficiency- which again being a busy professional I really valued. Sean came highly recommended by a colleague – so now I can double vouch for him and the company. there is no other company with the experience and talent that DAC offers!
β€” Dr Gabriel J. M. (9/30/17)

We got bored living in the burbs and decided to move to the heart of the city to see what the fuss was all about. We contacted Downtown Apartment Company to begin our search and Adam Valentino stepped up to help us find an apartment. Adam was very methodical in helping us narrow what it was we were looking for in an apartment. He then sent us a list of places for us to consider and we fine tuned our preferences based on what we saw, which led to another round of searching and reviewing listings. Adam even called on our behalf for listings that were on other websites.

Once we had a list of places Adam set up viewings and we found a place we loved. But Adam wasn’t done yet, he kept checking in with us before and during the move. And once we moved he made sure we were settled in and happy. This level of personal service went above and beyond our expectations. It’s very easy to be friendly before a transaction, but to maintain the same level of response and communication shows you’re dealing with someone who cares. Absolutely recommend Downtown Apartment Company and Adam Valentino!
β€” Sam B (5/24/17)

My fiancΓ© and I are relocating to Chicago from Minnesota for a job transfer. We’ve only been to the city a few times for quick vacations so we didn’t know the areas that well so I started looking for a broker to help us out. I decided on Downtown Apartment Company after reading so many great reviews, and I’m so happy I contacted them.

Sean Hill got in touch with me hours after I submitted my inquiry and was so quick to respond to all my questions, texts, and e-mails throughout the entire process. I flew in for a couple days to check out some apartments and he had an entire itinerary with appointments set up based on what we had discussed we were looking for. Because he was so organized, we were able to get to work right away.

He truly made the process so easy and seamless for me and was incredibly knowledgeable about all the different areas we were interested in so I felt super comfortable trusting his suggestions and opinions.

Without a doubt, I would recommend him and DAC to anyone looking for help navigating the endless number of rentals available in Chicago. It was such a relief to have some guidance and expertise to help us narrow down options and pick our new apartment! Thank you so much!!!
β€” Jessica W (4/29/16)

I worked with Quentin and it was a great experience. His responding time was so fast. So I found apartments with all my requirements in 3 days! Quentin is professional and responsible and will follow up with you and leasing office until you move in. And my favorite part that he is not a salesman he will be there for you until you found the best place. Highly recommend!
β€” Ilona

I just graduated college and needed to move out to Chicago asap due to acquiring a job, and DAC was the perfect solution. The service is free and they have everything planned out for you. Appointments are made for multiple apartment buildings fitting your desired qualifications and specifications, and you are taken to each one to check them out. Leslie Tapia was beyond amazing. I cannot stress enough how wonderful she was and how easy she made the process of finding a new home. I would recommend DAC to anyone moving to Chicago, and especially recommend asking for Leslie!
β€” Gabriel

Ericka, Ben, and the rest of the DAC team are as professional as it gets in the city. They worked to get to know exactly what I wanted, where I wanted to live, and the price range I felt comfortable in. Without them, my move from River North to Lakeshore East would have been so stressful. I can’t thank Ericka enough for her time, expertise, and attention to detail. I highly recommend their services for anyone trying to find a quality place to live in Chicago.
β€” Paul M