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Meet Rebecca Muraski

Client Testimonial

We worked with Rebecca Muraski and she was fantastic. She was able to set up multiple visits based on the criteria we had. She also took mental notes on units we did and did not like to help further refine the search. With her help, we were able to visit all locations and sign an application in one day. Highly recommend. - Steven R.

Favorite Neighborhood

West Loop

Why DAC?

Leasing brokerages are a dime-a-dozen in Chicago. DAC, on the other hand, delivers a curated experience for clients wanting to live in the heart of the city and does so with a hospitality approach. We are as concerned with our clients feeling at ease and making an informed decision as we are with closing deals.

Connect with Rebecca

As a former chef and restaurant director, I love the Chicago food scene, especially having the opportunity to share the hidden gems that don't make it onto the "best of" lists with friends, clients, and colleagues. I also love being introduced to unique places or activities in the city I haven't yet discovered myself.