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Boring Company To Build High-Speed Rail to O’Hare Airport

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has confirmed that Chicago has selected Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build a track from the Loop to O’Hare International Airport to get passengers back and forth in 12 minutes. Located in underground tunnels, the tracks will sport autonomous electric pods traveling between 125-150 mph holding 8-16 passengers each.

The current proposed track is set to go from the International terminals of the airport to Block 37 located in the Loop neighborhood. The track will be situated in the underground tunnels that were built for an underground express train project from the Loop to O’Hare that former Mayor Richard M. Daley had spent roughly $200 million on that had never opened. The idea of having the tracks underground makes it possible for the least amount of building and homes relocated for the project.

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As a privately paid for venture, taxpayers will not be held responsible for this high-speed train. Though the Company has not released exactly how much it will cost to ride this train, they have stated it will cost less than half of a typical taxi ride but more than the current $5 Blue Line special fare.

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Currently, according to Chicago Infrastructure Trust, there are roughly 20,000 some passengers that travel between the airport and the Loop’s central business district. By 2045, it is estimated that number will be increased to a minimum of 35,000 people a day. An incredible, high-speed train would cut the travel time immensely from the current 45 minute Blue Line “L” commute it takes now.