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Lincoln Park Average Rent Prices

Regarded by many as one of Chicago’s most desirable neighborhoods, Lincoln Park is a great place to call home. This wonderful community has it all — trendy restaurants, diverse nightlife, thriving concert venues and renowned theaters. Living here, you can walk to North Avenue Beach, the Chicago History Museum or the free-admission Lincoln Park Zoo. More than that, here, north of downtown, you enjoy all the charm and beauty of tree-lined streets and the shores of Lake Michigan. If you’re thinking of moving to this area, what should you expect to spend at an address here?

To help answer this question, here’s a look at typical prices for rent in Lincoln Park.

What to Expect: The Average Rent in Lincoln Park

For all its conveniences and amenities, Lincoln Park doesn’t have the city’s highest rental prices. Its average rent is $1,726 — which is 5 percent lower than the city’s average. Broken down into apartment sizes, however, it’s clear that this is because of the abundance of studio apartments. While rent in Lincoln Park averages $1,189 for studios, its prices for larger apartments range from approximately $1,753 for one-bedroom units; $2,859 for two-bedroom units; and $4,811 for three-bedroom units.

How Lincoln Park’s Prices Compare to the Rest of the City

Set slightly lower than the city’s typical rental rates, Lincoln Park runs somewhere in the middle of Chicago prices. Compare Lincoln Park prices to those in prestigious River North, for example, and you’ll save about 30 percent, on average. Lincoln Park rentals are also 27 percent lower than nearby Wicker Park, 13 percent lower than Old Town, and 8 percent lower than Bucktown. Its rates are slightly higher than Lakeview, however, which averages costs about 12 percent less than this area. You can also find lower prices in Uptown or Edgewater, where rates tend to be around 58 percent less than Lincoln Park.

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