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Lincoln Park Transportation And Highways

If you’re considering a move to Chicago’s Lincoln Park, you may already know about the beautiful architecture, great restaurants, abundant entertainment options and conveniences of the area. Yet one of the questions you might still have is about transportation options: When you live in this part of the city, how will you commute? Do you need a car?

The good news is, Lincoln Park highways and public transportation options make it simple and convenient to get anywhere you need to go — with or without a car. Whether you’re commuting downtown for work or heading out of the city for pleasure, there are plenty of ways to do it. With that in mind, here’s a look at the basics of Lincoln Park transportation.

Lincoln Park Transportation Possibilities Without a Car

Thanks to Chicago’s public transportation system, you don’t even need to own a vehicle in Lincoln Park. Simply take a local train or bus line to explore the rest of the city and its surrounding communities. Enjoy access to three CTA train lines — the Brown Line, Red Line and Purple Line. Likewise, several bus routes provide service to and from the neighborhood. Take a train to work each day, or catch a bus to meet friends for dinner. In this community, public transportation works beautifully.

Road Travel via Local Lincoln Park Highways

For residents who have cars, the city’s grid system makes navigating Chicago pretty simple. Even if you’re new to the city, it’s not hard to get the hang of the area. While traffic is notoriously heavy at rush hour, local news stations give constant updates on road conditions and gridlocks. Plus, from this location, there are major highways accessible in minutes, so you can cruise to the suburbs or into Indiana or Wisconsin if you like. If you’re interested in car travel without your own vehicle, there are always taxis. As is true throughout the city, Lincoln Park is filled with cabs waiting to take you to your destinations — another great transportation option.

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