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Streeterville Transportation And Highways

Part of the appeal of the beautiful Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago is its convenience. Bordered on the east by Lake Michigan and on the west by the Magnificent Mile, it’s filled with some of the city’s biggest attractions, from upscale shopping to Navy Pier. Stroll through the neighborhood by foot to check out Tribune Tower, the Chicago Children’s Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art. Then, take a bus or train to explore other parts of the city. Streeterville transportation makes it easy to travel anywhere you need to go.

From public buses to Streeterville highways, here are the transportation systems that serve you.

Public Transportation Options

What’s great about living in Streeterville is you don’t need a car. Thanks to public transportation and abundant taxies, it’s easy to get around. From a Streeterville address, you’re near Red Line stations, leading to other parts of the city. Likewise, the ME, NCS and UP-NW train lines all stop near here. Also serving this community are bus lines such as 146, 147, 148, 2, 3 and 66.

Traveling to and From Streeterville by Car

In addition to the trains and buses serving Streeterville, there are four major easily accessible highways in the area. While it’s true that, like any big city, Chicago’s famous for its traffic, it’s also true this location makes traveling more convenient. Enjoy proximity to Streeterville highways, which can take you anywhere you need to go. Likewise, it’s easy to stay updated on road conditions via the local news to help you account for delays. Don’t own a car? This neighborhood also has plenty of taxies available, so you can quickly get a ride anytime.

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