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Meet Allison Shlofrock

Client Testimonial

Allison Shlofrock made my experience in looking for a luxury apartment a DREAM. From beginning to end, she was professional, super attentive, and found places that met every one of my needs. On top of that, it felt like one of my girlfriends was helping me out the entire time! She couldn’t have made it a better experience for me and I am so grateful that I had her. Definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a young woman yourself! -
Jaylyn J.

Favorite Neighborhood

Gold Coast

Why DAC?

I chose to go with DAC because of the team-oriented culture along with all the amazing people I have the opportunity to work alongside

Connect with Allison

I was born and raised in Chicago, but have had the opportunity to live across the country after graduating from high school. I attended college at the University of Denver, studied abroad in Thailand, and then moved to Miami before ultimately moving back to Chicago. In my free time I like to work out, go to markets, travel, and spend time at the Lakefront.