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Meet Kevin Nelson

Client Testimonial

Connected with this company's agent Kevin, via Trulia. Best experience with an agent yet. He was patient, driven, and took us around the whole of Chicago to see all our options (I think we saw upwards of 20 buildings). After a single day, he locked into our preferences and provided us tailored showings to avoid wasting our time.
He would take care of the transport (Uber/Lyft) if required and would also buy us coffees!!! Additionally, he was critical of the buildings he was showing us, wasn't trying to push any sales, and wanted us to have all of our boxes "ticked off". Finally, the apartment buildings that were shown to us were not only of the highest quality in Chicago (Award-winning and certified buildings) but also reasonably priced for our budget. We will be contacting Kevin again when we start the apartment hunt later down the line. Hopefully, he will be able to help us buy a house/apartment in the future.

- Rhett D.

Favorite Neighborhood

I’ve always been connected to Old Town. Having an older sibling as well as many family members reside here in my younger years, I’ve always had a fondness for the area. As my current neighborhood as well, I love the peacefulness of the area as well as the dining options, & seeing the neighborhood grow in the last decade has been very pleasant!

Why DAC?

I had the privilege of being recruited to DAC by a good friend haven’t looked back since! I have a lot of respect & appreciation for the leadership, the positive energy that our leaders have established, the positive collaborations we have with one another, & the culture. It’s a very welcoming company that provides tons of opportunities for growth & development, and an overall pleasant atmosphere!

Connect with Kevin

Having lived in other cities over the years, I’ve always had a great connection to my home & was excited to return. I love sports, socializing, movies, & seeing/experiencing new places!