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Meet Lauren Thomson

Client Testimonial

Lauren, our real estate agent from Downtown Apartment Company, was AMAZING! I had connected with her a year ago and had shared with her our (me and my husband's) intention to buy a home someday. As soon as we felt like we were ready we reached out to Lauren. I am so happy we did! As a first home purchase, the process seemed quite overwhelming. Lauren quickly eased our minds and addressed all of our concerns, and provided us with a great list of options to choose from for our lawyer and inspector services. She guided us through every step. She was clear, direct, and knowledgeable. So much so that we were able to move into our dream condo in 45 days. Thank you, Lauren!!!

Favorite Neighborhood

My favorite neighborhood is Logan Square because it's absolutely packed with fun things to do, but low-key enough that you don't always have to worry about making a reservation ahead of time. Plus there's lots of green space to sit outside and enjoy nature a bit, which is necessary as you start to move away from the lake!

Why DAC?

First of all, DAC is full of passionate, creative brokers that work hard and take pride in providing the best possible service to their clients, and our leadership is just the best. Also, a lot of brokerages focus more on sales, but I love the way DAC places equal emphasis on helping renters. Renting is usually a person's first choice when they move to a new city, and their first apartment can have a huge impact on the initial impression they form of the city as a whole. Loving Chicago as much as I do, I want everyone else to love it too! So with all of its very different neighborhoods and cultures, I feel very rewarded when I can help newcomers find their perfect neighborhood with lots of great coffee or a good bar scene, or places to enjoy nature or music or shopping or quiet--whatever it is that makes them feel most at home. Because that's what real estate is about for me, making people feel at home.

Connect with Lauren

My two favorite cities in the world are Chicago and Paris! For now, Chicago just barely has my heart, but if Aya and Publican stop baking bread for us, I might have to move. For a personalized Paris vacation itinerary, I'm your gal!