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Meet Amanda LeGault

Client Testimonial

Highly recommend working with Amanda at DAC. I was looking for a new apartment and she was able to present a whole host of great apartment options. I thought my apartment search was going to take a month or two, but Amanda was able to find me an ideal spot in less than a week!

Favorite Neighborhood

I think every neighborhood is unique and has something to offer so it's really about what you are looking for as a renter/owner. Personally, I favor West Loop simply because I love restaurants/dining out so I find myself spending most of my time there. In terms of work, I tend to operate most in River North, West Loop, and Old Town but of course, I will travel to all to facilitate a sale.

Why DAC?

For me, DRC/DAC represented versatility in the market. Very few brokerages have a strong grasp on the luxury amenity apartment buildings while also offering a sales division with regular MLS access. I liked that I could come from a Corporate leasing background and do what I knew while also building and growing into more aspects of the market.