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How to Spot Great Deals in the Summer

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

It’s no secret that apartments lease quickly in the summer and specials can change at a moment’s notice. Here’s your guide to spotting good deals on apartments during the busy summer season!

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Have a Move Timeframe Rather Than a Move Date

It’s most common you’ll find concessions (like “1 month free” or “$1000 signing bonus”) for the current month or the following. Picking a June 30th move date over a July 1st move date can help you get June concessions that don’t apply to July move dates, just by starting your lease one day earlier. While choosing a June 30th date instead of July 1st is an easy decision, choosing June 30th over July 15th may take a little more consideration. Know how much flexibility you have in your move timeframe to maximize the concessions you’ll be able to find…and remember, you don’t have to physically move in on your lease start date!

Know What You’re Looking For

Pricing and availability change quickly in any season, but that’s especially the case in the summer. If you see a good deal, the odds are it won’t be available for long. Knowing what you’re looking for before you start seeing apartments will help you act quickly when you spot a deal.

Play Around With Lease Length

Many managed buildings like to stagger lease expirations so they aren’t faced with too many leases expiring all at the same time. Therefore, a 12 month lease isn’t always the best price. Sometimes opting for a 10, 13, or 16 month lease can significantly reduce your monthly cost, even if the building isn’t offering any additional concessions.

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