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New River North Restaurant Alert! Check Out The Smith

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Although The Smith is new to River North and Chicago, it has been a beloved New York favorite since 2007 when it opened its first location in the East Village.

This farm-to-table restaurant features an eclectic menu with seasonal dishes and innovative craft cocktails and serves over 1 million people annually. Enjoy tapas, a raw seafood bar, fresh takes on avocado toast, Italian, Korean, and Japanese dishes, and steakhouse fare—all with the same menu. For friends who can’t agree on where to dine, this spot will become a surefire go-to.

Courtesy of The Smith

Hours most days are 7:30am to midnight and breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus are offered over the course of the day. In theory, you never have to dine anywhere else.

The Smith seems to place a strong emphasis on the importance of its culture. Its core values, mission statement, and story have a major presence on their website.

If The Smith’s current popularity is any indication of its reception in the River North neighborhood, we’re feeling optimistic. The Smith currently has six existing locations, four of which are regularly in the top ten “Most Reserved” restuarants on OpenTable.

The Smith Chicago is slated to open in River North the last week of April at 400 N. Clark St.

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