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Old Town Canvas Apartments: Proposed

Friday, May 31st, 2024

Old Town Canvas is one of the largest proposed developments on Chicago’s Near North Side, with its ambitious plans for a 44-story tower housing approximately 500 units. The proposed site is currently home to a single-story Walgreens at 1610 N LaSalle Drive.

New Apartments Under Construction Near Old Town in Chicago

Courtesy of GREC Architecture

The aesthetics of Old Town Canvas blend modernity and historical reverence. The meticulously crafted design palette, characterized by earth tones, warm hues, and brick accents, pays homage to the rich architectural heritage of Old Town. By seamlessly integrating these elements, the development endeavors to create a visual narrative that respects and celebrates the neighborhood’s storied past.

Despite its ambitious vision and meticulous planning, Old Town Canvas has encountered opposition from certain segments of the community. Chief among the concerns raised is the towering height of the proposed structure. While acknowledging these apprehensions, proponents of the project argue that the benefits far outweigh the perceived drawbacks.

Old Town, and the whole Near North Side of Chicago, has been booming with mixed use and residential luxury development over the past two years. The North Union development is slated to bring 10,000 residential units to the area. Portions of this project have already been delivered.

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