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Best Places to Work Remotely in Chicago Near River North

Chicago is full of great coffee shops for every taste. Some are loved for their creative menus, quirky themes, charming ambiance,  or acoustic live music, but if you’re looking for the best places to work remotely in Chicago near River North, these coffee shops are worth checking out. Whether you tend to have trouble finding an open seat, want to find a (somewhat) quiet, work-conducive environment, or want a place where you can really camp out and dig into your work, we’ve got you covered!

Best places to work remotely near River North

If you can never find a seat:

Blue Bottle Coffee at Wolf Point East

The quality of latte at Blue Bottle is second to none, but that’s not what makes it one of the best places to work remotely in Chicago. With so many people working from home or remotely, it can be hard to find a spot at a coffee shop these days. Blue Bottle has ample seating on either side of the cafe area, as well as a reservable private conference room for your in person meetings or if you’re looking for a place to take a Zoom call. Additionally, Blue Bottle Coffee has outdoor seating along the river with some really stunning views of the city (and WiFi, of course).

Best places to work remotely in Chicago

If you need some peace and quiet:

Nomad River North

Best places to work remotely near River North

At first glance, Nomad may appear to be just a (fantastic) boutique where you can find artisan jewelry and candles, clean beauty products, and cashmere. Once you make your way through the retail space, you’ll find a Parisian inspired cafe with fresh pasties, assorted chocolates, lattes, and matcha drinks. There’s a somewhat private feeling co-working space just to the left of the cafe area. Nomad staff and thoughtfully placed signage encourages customers to be courteous with their volume and it tends to be a relatively quiet place to work. There’s a private conference room off of the co-working space which is reservable in half hour increments if you want a spot all to yourself.

Nomad River North is certainly one of the best places to work remotely in Chicago.

Best places to work remotely in Chicago

Co-working space at Nomad in River North

If you don’t want to interrupt your flow:

Edie’s All Day Cafe

Edie’s in River North categorizes itself as a “third space”– a place to hang out or work besides home and the office. It makes great use of it’s prime Wells Street space by operating as a coffee and breakfast spot in the morning, a lunch place mid day, and a wine bar in the evening. Signature favorites include the charcoal latte, the pitaya colada smoothie, and truffle flatbread.

The best part– because of Edie’s long hours and all day menu, it’s a great spot to work remotely because unlike many other coffee shops that close at 2 or 3pm, you won’t have to interrupt your work flow mid afternoon to find a new spot. You also won’t need to go far if you feel like a quick lunch break.

Edie’s All Day Cafe is located in the retail space of Marlowe Apartments on Wells Street.


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Must-Try West Loop Coffee Shops

Whether you’re looking for a place to work from home, dive into a good book, or make a quick caffeine stop on your morning commute, these West Loop coffee shops are worth checking out!

West Loop Coffee Shops Near Luxury Apartments

Courtesy of Sawada Coffee

Fairgrounds Coffee

Fairgrounds is located on Fulton Market and Ada and features unique takes on coffeeshop favorites. This West Loop coffee shop can be your one stop shop around the clock. Stop in for all day breakfast, super food elixirs, an expansive variety of coffee, and great happy hour specials each day of the week in the evenings. If you’re looking for coffee shops open late, Fairgrounds stays open until 8pm on weekdays. Are you a fan of last year’s big trend, nitro cold brew? Check out Fairgrounds’ nitro matcha.

West Loop Coffee Shops Near Luxury Apartments

Courtesy of Fairgrounds Coffee

Limitless Coffee

Limitless Coffee’s bright interior is both energizing and tranquil– perfect for focusing. Whatever you’re looking for in a coffee shop, from something conducive to large meetings to a place where you can spread out in peace and quiet, Limitless has all the bases covered. Each high top table has its own small dry erase board. There are plenty of outlets along the booths and comfortable lounge chairs, as well as several large meeting tables, one of which has a large dry erase board.


West Loop Coffee Shops Near Luxury Apartments

Courtesy of Limitless Coffee

The menu features classic coffeehouse favorites as well as “instagrammable” unique lattes, like the popular rose beet and charcoal glitter lattes pictured below. Limitless also offers smoothies, kombucha, tea, bulletproof coffee with MCT oil and collagen protein add ins, and a great keto friendly menu featuring multiple stellar avocado toasts and an avocado and egg umami biscuit that will leave you both full and wanting more.

West Loop Coffee Shops Near Luxury Apartments

Traditional, rose beet, and charcoal glitter lattes. Courtesy of Limitless Coffee

Sawada Coffee

Sawada Coffee is owned by world renowned latte art expert, Hiroshi Sawada, and is located at 112 N Green Street, near many of the new office developments that house tech companies and notable headquarters in the area. Patrons love the industrial aesthetic and quirky charm (namely the pinball machine, ping pong table, and punching bag).

Pro tip: Tired of waiting in line every Saturday morning at River North’s Donut Vault for your donuts? Grab your Donut Vault favorites at Sawada Coffee!

West Loop Coffee Shops Near Luxury Apartments

Courtesy of Sawada Coffee

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Best Places to Work From Home…Outside Your Home

Do you telecommute or like to work outside the office? We love Starbucks just as much as the next crew, but sometimes its great to switch up your environment. Check out some of our favorite “work from home” spots in the River North, West Loop, and West Town neighborhoods!

West Town Bakery- West Town (with locations in River North and Wrigleyville)

West Town Bakery serves up unique pastries, diner fare, and Dark Matter coffee, which is known for being extra strong and flavorful. Although there are many bakeries with awesome food selections, this one made our list because of the abundant seating space and wireless printer, from PrintWithMe. West Town Bakery also has great daily specials. Stop in from 7am-9am daily for a $5 coffee-and-pastry special.

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3 Greens Market and Coffee- River North

3 Greens is so much more than the average coffee shop; Its a one stop-shop for many famous Chicago favorites including the Au Cheval burger, Dillman’s pastrami, and Green Street smoked meats, as well as hot and cold salad bars, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Unlike the coffee shops that close in the early evening, this work from home spot is open until 8pm. 3 Greens Market has eclectic decor with a variety of seating from large sofas and recliner chairs,  2-person tables, and bar seating, to long 12-person tables and standard 4-person tables.

The quirky, charming vibe feels more akin to being at a ski lodge than in the middle of downtown Chicago.

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Limitless Coffee- West Loop

It’s hard to find something that isn’t spectacular at Limitless Coffee. The all white and gold decor, large windows, and skylights make Limitless a bright space with plenty of natural light. The large conference table in the back has its own white board on the wall for larger meetings and additional 2-seater tables and booths for smaller meetings.

Limitless customers enjoy the famous, very instagrammable lattes, including: charcoal-glitter (it’s much better than it sounds), rose-beet, reishi mushroom, and matcha, as well as a large selection of avocado toasts.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters- West Loop

The functional space at this West Loop coffee shop includes abundant countertop seating and outlets at every chair. Stumptown Coffee Roasters is in the lobby of the Ace Hotel and offers standard beverages, like drip coffee and espresso drinks, as well as unique options like kombuchade.

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By Sophie Morrison