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Why Penthouses Are The Pinnacle Of Luxury Living

Friday, May 11th, 2018

Penthouses are the pinnacle of luxury apartments. The premium address is a perk in itself, but what are some of the specific amenities they offer? Read on to learn more about penthouse apartment living, and discover how to find a luxury Chicago penthouse to turn your dreams into reality.

What Is It Like to Live in a Penthouse Rental?

Penthouse rental apartments promise a sky-high living standard. Let’s start with the incredible views they offer. Rather than looking at the city — and typically getting a view of a neighbor’s balcony — you’ll look down on sweeping vistas that can only be truly enjoyed from the highest apartment units. Living in a penthouse, you’ll enjoy a whole new perspective on the Chicago you know and love.

In a penthouse, you also get to enjoy a private luxury apartment — remember, no one will be living upstairs from you — and you may even have your own elevator. Penthouses are further removed from street noise than any other unit, which means you are unlikely to hear emergency sirens, traffic or other sounds in the neighborhood while you’re going about your day or night. No wonder many penthouse dwellers feel like they have their own home, one with all the amenities of luxury apartment rentals.

Another great aspect of penthouses is that they tend to have more efficient layouts than the other apartments below, as well as amenities those other apartments won’t have — such as massive private outdoor patios. Penthouses typically offer high-tech tools that improve comfort and lower costs, whether it’s smart thermostats or state-of-the-art entertainment systems.  In fact, select penthouses in downtown Chicago come with flat screen TVs and wired sound. These perks make penthouses appealing to anyone who wants these amenities without having to leave Chicago’s downtown area.

What Sets Penthouses Apart From Luxury Apartments?

With the uptick in luxury apartments, you might be wondering whether penthouses are really all that different from other luxury apartments. While your typical loft will have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light and provide sweeping views, this does not compare to the expansive views of a light-filled penthouse unit.

A penthouse apartment is, essentially, the crown jewel of its building — the unit with the best views, wonderful privacy, and high-end finishes. In a penthouse, you’re at the highest livable point of the building, in a unit likely filled with little touches that set it apart.

When you want the highest and most stylish apartment option, there’s no denying that the penthouse is the way to go.

How to Find a Penthouse Apartment 

Specific penthouse amenities vary by luxury apartment building. So when you’re hunting for a new home, consider what’s most important to you in an apartment — whether it’s a fitness center, pets allowed or heated underground parking — and search for luxury apartments in Chicago that offer these amenities. The right penthouse should feel like home — not just in terms of the interior look and feel, but also in terms of the location and building amenities.