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Why You Should Work With a Downtown Apartment Company Agent

Monday, May 11th, 2015

As this busy moving season is here, consider the reasons why you should work with a trusted leasing agent or broker of Downtown Apartment Company to find your next home in Chicago!

We Know the Market

It’s our job to know the professionally managed residential buildings in downtown Chicago. We can identify which buildings and neighborhoods will be the best fit for you depending on your lifestyle preferences, taste, budget, and needs. We know where you’ll get the most for your money and where you will get any special concessions!

We Are Professional

No flip flops or jeans on our agents! You work hard and deserve to have your apartment search taken seriously- it’s your home, after all. We respect the fact that you could choose to work with a number of different agents or companies, and we want you to have confidence in your decision to trust us to show you your best apartment options. We apply the golden rule of treating our clients how we would like to be treated!

We’re Friendly!

Our agents truly value relationships. While we take your search seriously, we also want you to have fun and get excited about the move into your next home! We have a tremendous amount of love for our city and we want you to as well, so we are also here to give you recommendations you’ll appreciate whether that’s helpful resources, dining and nightlife suggestions, fun activities, or events you should check out!



We’re Responsive and Hustle For You

We know that good deals go quickly and we want all of our clients to get priority! The quicker we get to know you and what you are looking for, the quicker you’ll secure your next home as seamlessly as possible.

We Have Great Relationships With the Buildings

We have worked hard to build and maintain positive relationships with all of the professionally managed buildings that we work with. They trust that we have a good understanding of what you are looking for and you never know when these relationships will help- especially when you need to get in quickly for a last minute showing to see that last available apartment that might be the perfect fit for you!

Our Service is Complimentary For You

Lastly and most obviously, you don’t have to pay for our service. We have confidence that we will show you your best options and will decide to move into one of them. Let us take the work out of your apartment search; you might also find yourself with a new trusted friend in downtown Chicago!

We are excited about all of the residential development in downtown Chicago and are ready to help you find your next home! Call us or stop by our office at 180 N. Upper Wacker to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable agent about your search!

Sarah Hutcheson | Luxury Leasing Agent
Downtown Apartment Company