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Chicago’s South Loop Top 3 Spots – After Dark Edition

Friday, April 15th, 2016

The South Loop is one of the most dynamic and lively areas in downtown Chicago. With its awesome parks, notable theaters, and famous museums, the neighborhood attracts thousands of people on any given day. Along with its amazing scenery, the South Loop has a spectacular nightlife scene waiting for you to explore!

#1 Buddy Guy’s Legends

You can’t come to the South Loop without paying a visit to this infamous blues club! Known for its talented performers and Cajun cuisine, Buddy Guy’s Legends is a staple of the neighborhood and promises a great night filled with electric blues music and tasty food. The world’s top musicians ranging from B.B. King to David Bowie to John Mayer have all graced the Legends stage. Located on 700 S. Wabash, get ready for a legendary night at Buddy Guy’s!

#2 Hackney’s Printers’ Row

Beers on tap? Check. Famous signature burgers? Check. Award-winning French fries onions? Check. This South Loop fan-favorite is known for its tasty food like The Famous Hackney Burger, served on rye bread, and their Holy Guacamole Burger the best food to go along with your beer of choice! Located in 733 S. Dearborn Street, Hackney’s is the perfect spot to start your wild night with delicious grub and drinks.

#3 first DRAFT

With their self-proclaimed “Comfort Food Infusion” menu and extensive draft life system designed to serve you the best drinks, first DRAFT is the premier craft beer house in the South Loop! Located on 649 S Clark St, first DRAFT stays open until the wee hours so you’ll have plenty of time to check it out during your night out on the town. And, to top it all off, this bar has plenty of big screen tvs throughout perfect for catching your favorite Chicago sports teams play. Cheers!

Ready to live it up in Chicago’s South Loop? Then call us or stop by our office at 180 N. Wacker to get started. We’d be happy to keep you in the loop!