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Downtown Apartment Company Redesigns Wacker Drive Office

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

At Downtown Apartment Company (DAC), we are always making changes and striving to create a great work environment. Recently, we completed a redesign of our office located at 180 North Wacker Drive.   We were seeking to create an even better environment that fit with our team culture.

First, we needed some more comfortable couches and a full gaming system to go with it. Nothing like playing a quick game of Wii in the middle of the afternoon!  Second, we thought to ourselves, “Who doesn’t like popcorn in the middle of the afternoon?” So, we bought a popcorn machine to enjoy throughout the day.  Literally, we can make a batch in two minutes.  You’ll have to test us to be sure though! Third, we needed more of an old-school coffee machine – nothing like the fresh smell of coffee in the morning! Finally, we redesigned the space to create more of an open working environment.

At DAC, we have a team of real estate professionals that work really hard and are passionate about serving our rental clients. With that said, we also have a lot of fun along the way.  Our Loop office now better matches what we stand for as a growing real estate company.

Additionally, be sure to check out a few pics below of our downtown Chicago office.  The best way to get a feel for all the changes is to stop by yourself.  Furthermore, if you are strolling on Wacker Drive, please feel free to stop in, get a little popcorn, and maybe a quick game of Wii!