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How To Pet-Proof Your Chicago Apartment

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Whether you’re adopting a kitten from a shelter or buying a pooch from a reputable breeder, caring for a pet is a great responsibility. Your new furry friend will require a lot of love, attention, training and plenty of supplies. Properly preparing your home is essential to ensure your animal companion is safe and protected, especially on those occasions when you’re away. If you’re wondering how to puppy proof your apartment, here are five ways you can plan for your pal’s arrival.

1. Create a Designated Space

A new kitten or puppy may feel scared or anxious in an unfamiliar place. Creating a space in your apartment that your pet can call its own will help it feel safe and relaxed. Try to choose an area that has tile or vinyl flooring so it’s easier to clean up messes. If the floor is all carpet, use a piece of hard plastic — such as the kind you put under a rolling desk chair — to cover it.

Wondering how to puppy proof the apartment so that your pet doesn’t wreak havoc on the whole house? Consider using baby gates to keep it in a particular room that doesn’t have a door. Supply the designated space with a bed, litter box, food and toys to keep your dog or cat occupied.

2. Use a Crate

Crate training can help your pup slowly learn house rules and boundaries. This can make your pet’s puppyhood a more pleasant and fun experience for you both. If you plan to keep your dog in a crate while you’re away, the designated space mentioned above would be a great spot to put it. 

3. Keep Toxic Chemicals Out of Reach

Animals are curious by nature. As a result, it’s important to keep all harmful chemicals, such as bleach, floor cleaner and dishwasher liquid safely locked away to prevent your pet from getting into them. Be sure to place medications out of reach and avoid storing human food on tables or counters. Foods such as chocolate, raisins, grapes and onions are harmful to dogs and could result in an emergency trip to the vet if your canine ingests them.

4. Organize Your Space

You can dog proof the apartment by thoroughly inspecting it for potentially hazardous objects. Be sure all electrical cords, remotes and small objects are safely tucked away so your pet can’t use them as chew toys. Cover wires that you can’t remove, such as computer, television and lamp cords.

Have breakable objects that you still want to display? Store them in a china cabinet or glass encased shelving unit to showcase your objects in a safe, accessible way. Make sure to keep plants that are toxic to dogs and cats out of reach too, such as tulips, lilies and Aloe vera.

5. Protect Your Furniture

Dogs love to chew and shed their fur on sofas, and cats are notorious for clawing on the backs of couches. You can cat proof the apartment by buying a scratching post or spraying your furniture with a non-toxic, bitter-tasting pet-deterrent spray. This can help your pet learn that your soft furnishings aren’t for scratching or snacking.

Puppy proofing your apartment might feel like a lot of work, but keeping your animal companion safe in your home should be a priority. These helpful tips on how to cat proof an apartment can help you establish a welcoming and secure environment that your furry friend will appreciate.

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