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The Ultimate Guide To Moving Into A Chicago High-Rise Apartment

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Congratulations. You’ve finally scored that amazing South Loop loft near the Museum Campus, a Streeterville condo overlooking Navy Pier or the perfect Gold Coast pied-a-terre.

Now what?

Making the Move

Moving into a downtown area is stressful but moving more than a couple of floors above street level adds a degree of difficulty that would challenge even a seasoned relocator. Before you start packing, there are several things you should keep in mind:

  • Know the rules — You will be living under the same roof with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other people. Knowing a building’s rules for tenants or owners before you sign a lease will help you steer clear of problems with your neighbors and building management. No dogs means no dogs, even if your Pomeranian is smaller than a cat.
  • Think small — Look at the space you’re using in your current residence versus the space you’ll have in a high-rise. Minimizing will likely be necessary and just-in-case items may have to go. Boxes of stuff that won’t fit or be used need not make the trip — unless the trip is to an auction site or yard sale.
  • Measure — Elevators, doorways, antique armoires and 12-seat dining room tables all have specific dimensions. Knowing what fits isn’t only a matter of floor space. A tape measure can be an invaluable tool in the moving process.
  • Plan the move — In most Chicago high-rises, you’ll have to reserve an elevator and a parking spot for the moving truck. Make the reservations a few weeks in advance and confirm them the week of the move. Try to move on a weekend or in the middle of the day when traffic — both street and elevator — isn’t heavy with rush-hour crowds trying to get to work or home.
  • Hire pros — You’re past the point of paying your moving crews in pizza and beer. Professional movers who are experienced in the challenges of high-rise relocations will make the move go faster, get your possessions to their new home in better condition and let your friends get a proper reveal at the housewarming party. If you’re not also hiring movers to pack (an option worth investigating), do them a favor and use boxes that are uniform in size and better for stacking on hand trucks and in moving vans.

It’s So Worth It

A move into a downtown high-rise might be the best you’ll ever make. Soul-renewing views will be yours at a glance. Your life will be filled with sunlight. An open window will bring fresh air instead of exhaust and insects. You’ll be close to everything, yet just an elevator ride away from seclusion. And given the amenities most luxury high-rises offer, your home will be a place to truly relax and recharge rather than just another item on the to-do list.

Whichever luxe Chicago neighborhood you prefer — be it Lincoln Park, the Loop, River North or beyond — finding the high-rise apartment that fits your needs is as easy as reaching out to Downtown Apartment Company.