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Tips For Finding An Apartment In Chicago

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Moving to the city and wondering where to live? While apartment-hunting can get a bad rap, it doesn’t have to be a discouraging experience. Whether you’re relocating for a new job, to attend school, to be near family and friends or just for an adventure, understanding Chicago’s neighborhoods, transportation and rental prices can make your search easier.

So, before you begin your hunt for a new home, consider these time-tested tips for finding an apartment in Chicago!

Step One: Explore the Various Chicago Neighborhoods

The best way to find an apartment in Chicago is to start by choosing a neighborhood (or two) that you like. While Chicago is one of America’s largest cities, it’s divided into distinct neighborhoods that each have their own features and feel. Can you see yourself living near Wrigley Field, clubs and the lakefront, for example? Lakeview, Wrigleyville or Boystown may be the right fit. Would you rather be in the heart of downtown, surrounded by skyscrapers and near the retail establishments on State Street? If so, check out Loop apartments. Wicker Park has a quirky, bohemian vibe. River North is a cultural hub of art galleries, antique stores and famous architecture. Explore the various communities on our site and see which appeal to you.

Step Two: Determine Your Transportation Needs


The next tip for how to find an apartment in Chicago that you’ll love is to consider your transportation needs. If you’re working, going to school or taking part in other scheduled activities, you’ll need a way to get to them from wherever you live. Chicago has easily accessible CTA, bus and Metra routes, as well as a grid system of roads that makes navigating the area fairly simple. What are your transportation needs, and how will that affect your apartment hunt? Use this information to help you decide where to live.

Step Three: Know You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

In a city as big as Chicago, even narrowing your search by neighborhood can still yield a huge number of apartments. When you see such a variety of price points, amenities and features, how do you make meaningful comparisons? One solution is to work with Downtown Apartment Company. When it comes to finding an apartment in Chicago, we save you time and trouble. In fact, one of the most efficient, effective ways to find a new place is by coming to us. You can give us your wish list and let us do the work of scouting out listings that will work for you. We know what’s out there and how prices compare. We also know how to find apartments that meet your specific needs. Let us help you simplify your search! If the unit you want, in the location you need is available, we will find it. You can browse the thousands of rentals we offer anytime, or talk to us about streamlining your search. Our service is 100% free for you to use.

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